Oxide and Neutrino

British garage duo Oxide & Neutrino comprises So Solid Crew’s Alex Rivers aka Oxide (born in Isleworth, West London in 1982) and Mark Oseitutu aka Neutrino from Brixton. They met in a London-based pirate radio station before start working together. Their single “Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty),” released in April, 2000 anticipated their first album entitled Execute. That full-length debut entered the UK album chart at No 11, setting the record for a garage outfit. Its follow-up called Solid Sound of the Underground featured tracks by DJ Dee Kline and So Solid Crew.

In addition, the 2-step/British garage team achieved a Brit Award nomination as Best British Newcomer in the dance music category. In 2002 Oxide & Neutrino returned to the local charts with “Dem Girls (I Don’t Know Why),” from their album 2 Stepz Ahead.


Sunset Stage


Sat 18 Sept 2021